Digital Copenhagen 2014 Steffen Hjaltelin (In Danish)

11.11.2014. digitalcph14
An acknowledgement of digital disruption as a crucial dimension of the marketing strategy may show itself as a major ROI for any brand going forward.
The courage to exploit the new digital potentials and possibilities and prepare a marketing strategy that embraces "digital" will pay of, almost instantly.

This is Steffen Hjaltelin's most prominent argument. Fundamentally, it is the adoption of a cross media mindset that is essential these days - the traditional TV commercial needs to be supported and extended by media formats that is customized to fit different digital platforms. Here, motion pictures and its strong storytelling potential is by far the winning format, when we look to the future of digital marketing.

The Executive summary with Steffen Hjaltelin was shot at Digital Copenhagen 2014.

Editing Lead: Lasse Ladefoged

Photo og Editing: Martin Semler og Jesper Jakobsen